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I have an old Samsung 250gb HDD Model SP2514N and I am trying to get it to run long enough to take some important video (child birth) off for a friend. Seems like the jumper settings are not allowing me to see this drive (trying to set up as an external drive). Any thougsts and suggestions?
jwren@columbus.rr.com 09/16/11
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  1. Did you try all three jumper settings? Master, Slave, Cable Select (CS)?
  2. If this IDE drive is being mounted in an external case, I fully expect it MUST have its jumper set to the Master position (or Master with No Slave if that is a special setting). This is the ONLY IDE device on an IDE port (inside the enclosure), so it must be the port's Master. Follow the diagram on the HDD case to set this way.
  3. Yep, done that, but still limited to 30 gb and needs formatiing to get at anything on this 250 gb drive. Guess all is lost and will never get the short movie of a child being born. Thanks anyway, still hoping for a miracle though.
  4. I'm puzzled by the "still limited to 30 GB". Do you mean you can access part of the drive, but it only shows as having 30 GB of space? Do you now whether it has more than one Partition on it?
  5. This drive is from 2001 and I believe that it was set at a default of 32 GB and to achieve the 250 GB maximum, you had to have either a motherboard that would access the extra space or at the least some special software (probably came with the drive) to allow the drive to be maxed out at 250 GB.
    Hoping that someone has some software that will allow me to get at the drive without reformatting it, and retrieve some or all of the files. I know that if I reformat it, all will be lost forever. Drive is recognized by computer but shows as only 32 GB and must be formatted to go further.
  6. If the drive somehow was set to use only 32GB of its space, then that is the only place where data is stored. Anything you want from it should be in that space, with NO data stored elsewhere. So, can you access that 32 GB of files? Are the files you are seeking showing there? Are any files available from this drive?

    You see, what I'm thinking is that it is just about impossible for the full 250 GB to have been used for file storage, and THEN have it converted to using only 32 GB but still have the other files there but inaccessible. IF it was limited to 32 GB, that very probably came first, not last.

    Do you know about creating and managing Partitions on a hard drive? Do you know how to examine a HDD using Disk Management to see its total structure? If not, post here and we can give you some ways to examine and report what you find, WITHOUT risking damage to existing files.
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