Problem w/ 295 gtx

I have EVGA 295 gtx, recently I installed Precision Utility from EVGA's website and noticed the one of my GPU's are underclocked considerably. For example by default it should be 564mhz, 1242mhz, 999mhz, but it is 300, 600, 100.

So has anyone encountered this problem and how do I fix it.

Things I have tried-

-uninstalling my driver with driver sweeper in safe made and reinstalling it

-using a older diver

-uninstalled Precision Utility

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  1. U dont have any issues at all....ur second screen shot shows the default optimum clock settings and the 1st one shows ur current setting....One feature nvidia integrates with the GPUs is that the system underclocks the GPU when in idle to save power....if u are not convinced jus download "GPU-Z" and check the idle settings for both GPUs....leave it running and play a game and then check it....u will find that the clock settings will be at optimum condition.....
  2. My first screen shot is of GPU 1 on the 295gtx and the second screen shot is of the 2nd GPU.

    So why have I not seen this before when I had the other precision utility that came with the 295gtx?

    I tested your theory, the card goes up to stock speeds like you said, then drops right back down to where it was. This is alarming to me because (1) it's always the 1st gpu not the 2nd that underclocks and if the theory was right; wouldn't the card go back to default and stay there?
  3. The reason why its always the first GPU is because the first GPU alone was enough to handle the game....if you have a physx enabled game u can see the second GPU will also be worked.....The best way you can check the clock speeds is by using GPU-z and save the readings in a log file.....this way you can find when the speeds hit optimum and low....If there are drastic changes then there is something wrong.....R u having any FPS issues while playing games?????
  4. Ya, I was playing borderlands and it would freeze, go black and return. In that transition my frame rate would drop in half. From 60-62 fps to 30. So that's what started all of this.

    Ok, I'll check Gpu-Z. Ridic23, do you have 295gtx?
  5. yes...i do...
  6. do you have the "nvlddmkm" error when playing asking this since you mentioned borderland goes black and returns....
  7. Can you take a screen shot of your gpu specs 1 and 2, this way it helps me see another person going through the same thing and I'm not going crazy. I guess I'm a person likes to "see to believe" type of deal. Thanks
  8. no, what 's that?
  9. the first 2 shots are for idle condition....the second 2 shots were taken after playin a game....notice how the clock changes....
  10. for taking some screen I seeing this right.... it looks like yours both gpu's are idling, then when you play a game both go to stock speeds.

    Is that right?
  11. yes.....i know where ur ur case ur seeing one gpu changes speed..right?....from ur screenshots i can see u r using CPU-Z which is not the appropriate tool when ur using multi-gpu card....use GPU-z and see.....
  12. I tried using GPU-Z and the same thing applied. One gpu is underclocked and the other is at default. Do you think that the card has something wrong with it or is it a driver issue?
  13. can u post some screenshots.....It is peculiar but not something to worry about as long as the card does not overheat.....
  14. Hey, it's not a bug. :)

    I had the same "problem" but it turns out that just how the 295 behaves when it's not running a 3d application, CPU-Z even says as much in the graphics tab if you know what you're looking for.

    Leave the Precision or some other indicator of your clock speed for both GPUs open on another monitor and start a game, both your GPUs will be at the proper frequency.
  15. Load riva tuner and turn on monitoring then play a game.
  16. Sorry for the delay, I did try leaving on precision on and what I saw was that both go up to default specs but then one jumps down to 300, 600, 100. :heink:

    So I just don't know at this point.


    I'll post some screen shots soon.


    I'll try loading riva tuner, I'll tell you what I see.
  17. Nvidia had some crap drivers at the front end of the 190 series. It may be worth while to grab the 186 drivers and call it done.
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