Memory card unreadable

Hello, I need to have some pictures recovered from a damaged memory card! What can I do?
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  1. Depends on what happened to it, if the connector is bent than you have to resolder it back on which is very painstaking and only works if your very talented at soldering. If its a firmware issue than good luck usually those are the ones you have to RMA. I always always tell people if its something important put it in 2 or more locations such as googledocs, dropbox, etc... I have seen 30 cases of this last year and I was only able to fix one by pure chance because I could bend the pins back of the connector.
  2. Hello! mine is more than just photos. I have important files in pdf, ms word, note pad, voice notes, music etc, along side my photos on the memory card. it keeps prompting me to reformat the momory card. please how Can i get all my files back?
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