8800gt to an 5770?

how much of a performance gain will i get with a 5770 upgrading from an 8800gt? just found one on sale at frys for 169....260 was still 179 and the 275 was 229. wondering if i made the right choice....oh yeah...no 4890s
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  1. It's a pretty decent jump up. Nothing ground shattering but you will definitely notice it across all games.

    And of course if you have Vista or Win 7 you get DX 11.
  2. worth the 169 or should i wait till 5850 stocks up and prices drop and buy borderlands and dragon age instead? lol
  3. What resolution is your monitor and what PSU do you have?
  4. 24 inch 1920x1200...........750 psu
  5. Well for that resolution go for a 5850 if you can,upgrading from a 8800GT to 5770 will give you a good performance boost but getting a 5850 would be even better especially when you play at 1920x1200,but if you can't afford the 5850 then go for the 5770 as i said its a good boost :)
  6. For $169 I would wait for sale prices on the GTX 275.
  7. I second Maziar's post word for word.

    HundredIslandsBoy, the cheapest GTX275 I see on Newegg right now is $239 with most going for $250 to $300. I don't see that dropping to $169 anytime soon.
  8. I use the same rez and I have just done that move.
    The HD5770 is a great improvement but I agree with Maziar: If you can afford it, go for the HD5850 instead, I do not play any super demanding games so the 5770 is fine, but you may find the extra power of a 5850 more useful than me.
    Buy the new games and wait a while, Nvidia has yet to release its own next gen cards and once the 58xx become more available prices will most certainly drop.
  9. went ahead and splurged on the 285 gtx oc 2gb instead, yeah i know more expensive by a stretch but ill just carry it over to my new pc down the line. I think if i might have went with a 260+ or 275 for a lil more money over the 5770 anyway...or of course the 4890. didnt really want to wait for 5850s or 5870s to become available and the price gap wasnt that much different. damn 5850s are going for 300 now :(
  10. Your money, your choice, enjoy your new card, mate:)
  11. GTX 285 is a good card too enjoy it :)
  12. thx!
  13. Wow. Start off debating about a $170 card and buys a $400 card at the end.
  14. I went from a 8800gt to a 4650(downgrade) to a 5770, and the 5770 is by far the superior of the 3. i only have a powercolour with 512mb, but it handles all my games on 1680x1050 very well including far cry 2 and gta4
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