ive got a very odd question that you might be able to anwser im building two new systems for me and my brother

i5 750


corsair 750w

4gb ddr3 1333

spinpoint f3 500gb

msi p55-gd55

hyper 212 plus

lg dvd-rw
i3 530


corsair 550w

2gb ddr3 1066

hatichi 160gb

asrock h55m

hyper tx3

philips dvd-rw

now here is the weird part mine,my brother and the den all are on the same circuit and in the den we got another computer a 27" tv,xbox,home therter,fish tank,my room lights 22"tv and thats on a 15 amp circuit so do you think it can handel it thanks for any input you have
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  1. Try it anyway, if your house is wired correctly you'll just throw a breaker as opposed to damage anything or burn your house down.
  2. Should be fine.
    +1 Worst case you will throw a breaker.
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