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Right, so I've my mind set on a cheap fan controller. However I'd still like to be able to monitor the fan speeds via software (motherboard's controllers). Know of any 3 pin fan Y splitter with 2 female 1 male ends (assuming cutting the power wires from the motherboard controller and the monitoring wire on the fan controller side since it's not used anyway would make it work)?

If you have any cheap alternatives they will be well received, thanks.
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  1. I suppose it is in the measure that it provides a list of cheap controllers, however I see nothing related to monitoring those controlled fans via mainboard. Unlike other newcomers I do know where the search button is located and have read that thread. Thanks
  2. Perhaps my intentions are not that obvious from my first post: I want manual control of the fans' rotations while I can monitor the speeds using software.
  3. I was not trying to insult you. Your question seemed to be answered by the Sunbeam fan controller in the other thread.

    You cannot use a manual fan controller AND use the motherboard's fan sensors to monitor the fans' speeds with available hardware. You may be able to add a jumper wire from each fan to a separate sensing pin on the motherboard to achieve that. An alternative to soldering jumper wires to each fan could be a manual fan controller that shows the fans' speeds, for example, newegg has at least two; there many be many more available at other vendors.
  4. I understand what you're saying, I took no offence.

    In the meantime I came across this. It's an adaptor that comes with some scythe fans to be able to power 3 pin fans by the PSU and retain the RPM monitoring on the motherboard through that yellow wire leading to the mother 3 pin end. Considering I'm looking at a fan controller that only has 3 pin fan support all it requires is an added 4 pin molex to 3 pin adaptor. A bit of overkill with the wiring and adapting (considering I'm looking at installing 5 coolers this way) but it does what I'm looking for without the need of soldering.

    Now all I need is to find that adaptor being sold without any fans to give me a wider choice.
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