Hello everyone. I ordered a pc yesterday:

RAM:Corsair Dominator 4GB DDR3-1600 Intel Core i5/i7 Ram Kit (2 x 2GB, PC3-12800, 8-8-8-24,CMD4GX3M2A1600C8)

HDD:Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB HDD (7200 rpm, Sata 2, WD1001FALS)

GPU:Sapphire Vapor-x 5870 SVGA (PCI-Express, GDDR, 1G)

I wanted the gigabyte GA-p55A-UD3 Motherboard but there weren't any so I chose GA-p55-usb3. Is there any difference?
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  1. The P55A has SATA III as well as USB 3.0.
  2. Thanks for your answer!
    Will the lack of SATA III affect me?
  3. I wouldn't worry about it, unless you are planning on spending big bucks on an SSD in the foreseeable future... It will be a long time (think - years, not months) before physical hard drives will be able to take advantage (other than caching, of course) of the SATA3 bandwidth; there are - count 'em, exactly two SATA3 SSDs that could take advantage of it, from Crucial, but they don't seem to have their firmware 'together' yet; and ,so far as I know, the Marvell SATA3 ports are unable to handle TRIM in RAIDs. When you see Intel using SATA3 in an ICH, then it'll be time to think seriously about SATA3!
  4. I don't plan on buying ssd nor adding a second gpu...so is it gonna fill my gaming needs and overclocking if I ever decide to go that way? Is there a chance it will hinder my performance? Sorry for asking so much, but I'm kind of paranoid because it's the first system I build by myself...
  5. Nah - the Intel ICH's are faster 'n the Marvell SATA3's anyway.. All the 15/17 CPUs are mighty overclckers - pretty much all you need is aftermarket cooling - and you needn't go nuts buying top-end parts - likely any aftermarket cooler will get you close to, or over, 4GHz...
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