Best card out there?

I'm looking for the best card under $100, strictly, and I was wanting a 4850, but I can't find one on Newegg that is under 100 anymore. Is there any other card that will give around the same performance for my budget? I want to, at least, play NFS Shift smoothly, and I can't now.

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  1. What power supply will you be using?
  2. 4850 or GTS250 Galaxy Edition or 9800GTX+ or 4770 (whatever is cheaper, you can also try ebay)

    If not, get a 4830 or 8800/9800GT
  3. i would love to stick with the stock 300, but i am planning on upgrading after buying the card, if needed
  4. A 5750 for under $100? I find that hard to believe, and he already said 4850 but he can't find one for under $100 dollars anymore
  5. my bad, new 5750s aren't under $100. I guess Newegg has increased their prices of the 4850 as well.

    You can get the 4850 on ebay for less than $100 though. If you live next to a microcenter, they usually have Galaxy GTS250s on sale for $99
  6. Ok, so what about this 9800GT?
    I know the 4670 is under the 9800 performance-wise, but at a better price. i know that pretty much anything i get is going to be a huge jump from the 2400XT.
    4670 here:
  7. and no, i live far from anything except Vons, RiteAid, and Kmart. D=
  8. I think I will go with an HD 4870, as I found one on Newegg for $127. Are there any cards for that price that are any better than this?
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