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So I just migrated a 640GB HDD to a 128GB SDD but my partitions seem off. In the computer management utility it shows I have 2 partitions; the system partition status says "recovery partition" and it is 27.78GB in size. My other partition staus says "boot, crash dump, primary partition" and its 91.46GB in size. I would like to resize the system partition because it only has 198MB used, but when I right click the partition, I do not get the option to resize it. My question is, how can I resize it, what is this partition used for, and what size should it be? Thanks for your help.

So I just tried to shrink the volume through the command prompt and I got this message "You may not shrink OEM, ESP, or recovery partitions, or offline volumes. The volume you have selected may not be shrunk. Please select another volume and try again." Can anyone please help me out here? It is such a waste to have 27GB of a 128GB drive unavailable!
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  1. That is strange; normally the recovery partition is just slightly larger than needed.

    You might be able to resize it by booting to a Linux CD, but the best option would be to create a set of recovery DVDs and then delete the recovery partition.
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