Gpu overheating?

My gpu is a radeon 6870 and it idles at around 40-50ish degree celcius. Few seconds into furmark it jumps to 70 and i stopped the test fearing it might melt my gpu. Can someone tell me how i can lower my gpu temp?

I have an Azza orion case with a side fan on the bottom bracket blowing air directly at my gpu. no top fan 1 rear exhaust 1 front intake which barely blows anything.

oh yea and gpu fan idles at over 1000 rpm. forgot how much it was when underload but it was quite loud.
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  1. First the idle temps are correct, second the 100% load is ok and third make sure that the enable manual fan control box is un checked it Cat. Cntrl. Cntr. The fan will ramp up to higher speeds under full load. Also you may be able to reduce the load temps some with improved case ventilation. These cards dump some of the heated air back into the case where the system ventilation must remove it. Increase the front intake and switch the side to exhaust. This may improve internal temps.
  2. On my other comp with the same gpu just diff case my idle is 30-40 and load never hits 60.

    My gpu temp on this comp fluctuates so much. 30-50 almost 60 just idling. And i hit a BSOD when playing a vid from just youtube. I think it overheated when I was watching the vid. On furmark it hit 70+ after only a few sec. and still rising im sure it will fry my card before i can finish the benchmark test. 80 is the limit i believe. I think the problem is my case or bios settings? I'm sure its my case. I'm gonna unplug my side fan and see if tht helps. then switch it for exhaust.

    any more suggestions?
  3. wow wut huge difference...i removed the side fan and BAM
    idles at 30 now and full lload is 60-70
    im gonna switch my fan and make it exhaust and hope that will lower the load temp

    EDIT: ugh nvm after awhile its back to idle 50 degrees plz help
  4. Take the side of the case off. If things improve, then you what direction to go in.
  5. I THINK I might have fixxed the problem. The side fan was originally intake and the temp fluctuated like mad. Then I took the fan off and it seemed to be better but unstable. I just switched the fan around and now its exhausting air from my case. It seems to have stabilized. 30-40 idle and 70 @ load. I'll have to longer and see what happens. But I think exhaust is the way to go. Since the fan is facing directly at the top of my gpu. And I think hot air comes out of there. I just felt the air coming out of my side fan and its warmish. Hope it stays like this. Though 70 at load is still quite hot...
  6. Yes correct you want to remove more air than you supply to create a slight negative pressure in the case. If you can add an intake fan in the front and another exhaust in the rear do it, or a top exhaust.
  7. Your temps stated seem normal to me in regards to GPU temps. My gtx is typically in the 80s during gaming sessions.

    Your side fan efficiency is going to not only be determined by the direction of it but also by the complete fan setup inside your case, including airflow strength for each fan (RPM, static pressure).

    A quick look at your stock setup doesn't leave much room to wiggle. Appears you only have 90mm fans stock for front and rear and then the 120mm for the side. With that in mind your temps are actually pretty good considering the two little 90mm fans.
  8. oh? i thought 80 was the max for gpu thats why i was worried. but since ur running above 80...i guess i'm fine
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    joobie said:
    oh? i thought 80 was the max for gpu thats why i was worried. but since ur running above 80...i guess i'm fine

    yup. A quick google mixture of chosen words of your specific card shows most people with load temperatures in the 70s. And an overall agreement that anything over 90 you should start worrying.

    I couldn't find any concrete specs listing your cards max temp but for example mine is 105.
  10. ah yes i dont know why or where i heard the max was 80...but after some research i found out mine is also 105. most gpu is 105. 70 is normal..haha stupid paranoid me thanks guys
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