Swap CPU heatsinks w/o removing existing thermal paste?

So my situation is that I bought the Corsair H80 cooler a couple weeks ago but have to send it back because of a pump noise. To replace it while it's gone I'm going to use the stock intel cooler. Right now me and my dad are not talking and I have no idea where he has his thermal paste remover, but I need to send it back by Friday. So could I remove the H80 and put on the stock heatsink without it getting too hot? I have the i5 2500k not overclocked, and I could go without gaming for the time it takes to get a replacement.
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    "thermal paste remover"
    Even a dry, clean cloth will take most of it off. A lot of people just use rubbing alcohol or similar. I use Acetone (paint thinner).

    If the stock heat sink still has the original thermal pads on the bottom (which is to say it was never used) then just remove the old stuff and use the cooler. But if it was also already used, you really should just go buy a $10 thermal paste.
  2. Use alcohol and a lint free cloth or cotton swabs taking care not to leave threads behind. The thermal compound will come right off with n.p.
  3. Thanks for the quick answers. I never knew it came off so easily. I got it packaged up and it's going out tomorrow.
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