BIOS revision question.

Do newly built MB's come with the latest BIOS revision installed? Does a board have a visible BIOS Rev. identifier, precluding the need to power up the board to see the latest revision?

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  1. Answer to both: unfortunately, NO! Your best bet is always to pick up your board from somebody who 'does a lot of volume', like NewEgg - chances are better (stil no guarantee) that you'll get a 'fresh' board, with a later BIOS... The boards have whatever BIOS was current at manufacture; this is a real issue if you'r planning a 'hexacore'; also becomes annoying if you 'putz' [:isamuelson:8] a lot, and are likely to 'lunch' a BIOS once in a while - every time it 'recovers and reverts', it recovers to the 'as shipped' BIOS rev! :fou:
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    I was just trying to head off/early identify a problem....i7 980 processor in a board without the 6 core BIOS rev.
    Already been down this road before with another board, I resolved the problem but it was a PIA.
    Install a i7 960, load the OS, update the BIOS, etc, etc.......

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