Add case fan to Acer x3812

Hi all,

I bought a Acer ax3812 (slimline case) and added a fanless videocard. My GPU is running hot climbing to 96 degres celcius when playing games.

As anyone here added a case fan to one of those Acer slimline desktop pc's ?
I was wondering what size fan and type fits in those cases.

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  1. Does your slimline pc even have a location where an extra case fan could be installed?
  2. I don't think so, that's why i am asking...
    I saw reviews where people said they added an extra case fan and it helped the GPU get cooler.

    There are holes in the case right next to where the PCI slots are so there is probably something i could do without the standard brakets or kit ....
  3. Realy ? no one here played around with case fans and acer slim line desktop pc ?
  4. Ok well since no one replied on that one, here is what i finally did.

    Bought a 50mm slim (10mm) fan with a 3 pin power connector.
    On the Acer xSeries like the ax3812, there is an available system Fan power connector on the motherboard.

    The 50mm fan fits perfectly in the back of the case where there are vent holes. So i fit the fan there and could play around with the fan direction so it moves air around the video card.

    Dropped the gpu core temp from 70deg Idle / 95-97deg full load to 55deg idle / 80-82deg full load.
  5. TheGrub_99,

    What GPU did you put into this case. I got a great deal on this desktop but want to upgrade the GPU. I'm not a PC gamer, just want to put the best possible in this set-up for HD video.

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