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hi, folk`s.
i am new to this forum, but maybee you can answer my problem?
i bought a transcend storejet 320gb external hard drive with a "one touch backup".
i set up a new task and backed up my jpeg files to the hard drive , this completed sucessfully. but when adding new pictures from my camera to my computor putting them in my picture folder on my laptop, i then press the "one touch backup" button.
this then backup`s the same pictures again, duplicating the complete file.
[ doubling up ] even after clicking the first task box, instead of it just backing up the new pictures that i have added. i have now tried to do this many time with the same result`s. i even contacted transcend through their website form, and got a completely unrelated answer.
hope someone can help. thank`s, john.
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  1. this is very common, for backup software to backup files over again. its rather par for the course when dealing with backups. what you are looking for is some type of software to make sequential backups, i know norton makes a software to do this but its rather expensive. upwards of 800.00 if i remember what i paid for it, its more of a network backup than a personal comp backup. perhaps someone knows of a cheap/free software that can do this.
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