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hello all,

i have just purchased a new cooler master 210 plus. the heatsink is great, and it cools my cpu down to about 30C. lately i turned down the rpm's on the cpu fan because it was making too much noise, turned down to 750rpm from 2000. the cpu still runs very well at 35-40C, but lately i noticed that there is a fairly loud clicking repetitious sound coming from the heatsink fan at 750rpm. so is there a way to fix this? it seems that when the fan runs at full or close to full speed, it eliminates the problem, but as soon as the i lower the speed to reduce the sound, i get a clicking sound. as compared to my case fans, they are the same size as the heatsink one (120mm), and dont make nearly as much sound

any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. sounds off balance. run higher till sound is gone. or get a new fan. are you sure that there is nothing poking into the blades?
  2. how would you say i could "balance it?" when i do run at higher rpm, the fan sound is just louder than the clicking, thats why you cant hear it. but the fan does seem to be shaking a bit when working ( the blades). any ideas?
  3. Fans can be damaged during shipment.
    Try pressing on the fan hub to reseat bearing.
    If that doesn't work contact vendor or CM for rma.
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