hello i have asus p7h55-m/csm 1156 board and i recently bought 16gb 2133Mhz memory and i cant get it to clock past 1800MHz without getting a blue screen processor is intel 875k quad and according to bios it is overclocked to 3.6 with memory at 1800 i was wondering if i should have to settle with that bios XMP overclocking gets blue screen as well thanks
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    Memory Types DDR3-1066/1333

    just because the memory can run at a certain speed doesn't mean the memory controller on the CPU can
  2. ok as far as i know that is best overclocking processor 1156 has to offer so i just wander why they invent 2200MHz boards for them
  3. because overclocking is all chance. some chips can run the memory at that speed, it just seems yours cant. further, i think you need to read up more on oc'ing, cause your setting could be what you need to adjust to make it work.
  4. ok thanks ive done some reading but i thought bios XMP overclocker was automatic to optimize everything and make it stable automatically
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