What monitor should I buy?

My system have Intel dual core 5200 cpu, G31 chips mobo, 1gb ddr2(800) ram(will upgrade 2gb),sapphire 4670 512mb ddr3 graphics. Playing crysis, farcry2, boderlands etc in 1024*768 on a crt.
Want to buy 18.5 inch 16:9 lcd. There is samsung 943swx, hp 1859m, lg w1953t, benq g920 available. All this have dvi. Want help!!!
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  1. Look at the image in the resolution setting you want to use. I use 1920x1080 with windows xp. Both my video card and monitor support this resolution. I use soyo, and it works fine. Dell and acer have 3 year warranties, but read the fine print. Many warranties don't cover the backlite, which is what went out on my last monitor. I couldn't get the back off to replace it; must have been glued on. So I gave it to goodwill.
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