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This is pretty simple question:

Once you build yourself a new system, and you spend time researching components, paying for it.. the final step to the puzzle is to see if the component deliver what they claim. Combinations of components is limitless, and making sure they all work in-synch is paramount! What utility should I be using to test them, perhaps compare similar built systems? Suggestions on what to tweak in BIOS..

Thank you!
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  1. Not yet WR2, but I guess I will. One of my issues was that in the bios ny 1066 memory was showing up as 800, but I found configs to manually so the memory settings. It would be nice to see my changes showed up as a great improvement to my system ;) In XP it says that I have 3.4gb, but frankly i have 2x 2bg sticks
  2. rlubocki said:
    In XP it says that I have 3.4gb, but frankly i have 2x 2bg sticks
    That would mean you're using WinXP 32bit. And thats a 'normal thing'.
    32bit has limit of 4GB of address space (address space - not physical RAM) and it must reserve address space for system hardware within the 4GB limit.

    It's good to benchmark before AND after you make any changes (like going from 800 to 1066 RAM settings) to see what effect your changes are having.
  3. I have a lot of testing to du then, even tweaking drivers, and adding/removing motherboard/video card application, like amd cool and quiet, or adaptive power distribution utility that comes with Gigabyte motherboard. Thank you for great pointers!
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