How do I assign a letter to a new internal hard drive?(windows 7)

Hello. I have 64 bit Windows 7 with AHCI. Everything has been working well.

I recently purchased a new internal hard drive and installed it. When I turned the computer on it told me that it recognized the drive and successfully loaded the correct driver(or something like that).

However, when I go into explorer I do not see this drive listed with a letter.

Also, when I go into disk management this drive appears as "disk 0" without a letter. How do I give it a letter? I have tried a few things(such as right clicking on disk 0), but nothing seems to give me the option of assigning a letter.



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  1. From what I see, I think you haven't create a volume with the new disks

    Beside the disk 0, you should see the space being unallocated and you can right click it to create a new volume where you can assign a letter etc
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