Overclocking DRAM Timings

SO just looking for some feed back and adivce.

Right now my Intel i7 920 is at 3.7 ghz @ 1.23v. I know my CPU is stable here and I know it could go farther just havent had time to Prime95 it and whatnot.

However, I have more questions about getting my RAM timings down. I know the lower is generally better and honestly...thats about it.

This is what I have right now.: 6gb Kingston HyperX 2000mhz CPU-z says my timings are 10-10-10-27 at 1T. My FSB:DRAM is 2:8, My NB frequency is 2882.8, and my DRAM freq is 720.7. (set to match my 180 BCLK)

Thanks for all advice in advance!
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    So ok if you are at 10-10-10-27-1T @ 1441.4 MHz ...Your running 2000 Mhz RAM with loose timings i.e. CAS 10. So knowing this I would assume that the DIMMs you have are CAS 10 .... 2000 Mhz. I would just bump the memory clock up to 2000 MHz. If your using a multiplier to set RAM clocks it would be 11 x 180 = 1980 MHz..Just leave the timings alone. Otherwise you could slowly tighten the latencies at the current clock speed such as : 9-9-9-24-1T, 8-9-8-22-1T, etc... The lower the timings the more responsive the DIMM's will be. Take notes with a logbook on what works and what doesn't and be prepared to reset the CMOS a lot
  2. Thanks for the response. My CAS is actually 9.

    Here is the link:

    So should i just raise the mem speed to 2000 mhz then manually set the timings down to the 9-9-9-27?
  3. Yeah thats what I would do..Oh hell, that is CAS 9 @ 1866 MHz RAM..Its not 2000 MHz CAS 9
  4. Cool. This is what I am at now:

    NB Freq:3645.3
    DRAM Freq: 911.2
    FSB: Dram 2:10

    9-9-9-24 1T

    Better? haha
  5. Yeah thats much better your at 1822.4 MHz with CAS 9..Do you see the difference?
  6. yeah for sure. Thanks for the help. last question in the CPU tab of CPUZ, the bottom right Cache box read 8-4-8-16. Is this the same thing? As in i could bring my timings down even lower?
  7. Check the SPD for the timing profile for your DIMMs...8-4-8-16 is not gonna work I assure you. I have yet to see a latency of 4 for any DDR3 especially at 1800 MHz
  8. Thats what I was going to say! thanks for the help. Happy Gaming!
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