hi my name is nilesh
i will build a game system in dec 2009
right now i am so much confuse i was planing to buy i7 gaming system but i listen that dx11 card & i9 will launch soon so what i do plz suggest me a best gaming pc confrontation so can play game at least 5 year without upgrading i am student so cant able to upgrade it so plz suggest me fast :) my budget is 45k(approximate 45000/- RS)

i am also thinking about ati hd5770 is this good for me ?
plzzzzzzz help!!!!!!!!!!!

OR I UPGRADE MY OLD p4 SYSTEM with ati hd 3650????????????????

plz tell me a best psu also
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  1. what makes you think that posting two threads that are exactly the same (word for word) will get you an answer any faster?

    for Rs 45,000 (approx USD 1000) you cannot build a PC that will see you through 5 years.

    5770 is a dx 11 card. I suggest you go for it. should fit in your budget. Don't wait for i9 because initial prices are very high.
  2. Upgrade old P4 with HD 3650 not a good value I think;

    I don't believe the Core i9 will be in your price range - Core i9 CPU only 46992 RS

    Can you find something similar to this? Affordable All Rounder 25900 RS
    or Enthusiast Overclocker 41200 RS
  3. didn't you consider the AMD path ?
    while Core i7 cpu is tempting and very fast,
    but i can't see much difference in gaming,

    AMD X3 720 BE or X4 955, will last with you enough, if you invest enough on the GPU side , like the HD 5870 for the dx11but i recommend the 5850
    , for me i cant justify the 100$ plus for another 5-15FPS in gaming

    with AM3 785G chipset motherboard i think you will get an affordable gaming system
  4. well thankx but do u have hole detail like all parts gpu ,cpu,psu,ram,motherboard in my budget of 45000-50000 rs

    i have lot time till i will buy it in December 2009

    thank you again :)
  5. then can U plz tell me a good pc confrontation still i have time till December 2009

    THANK YOU :)
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