Windows 7 installation hangs on GIGABYTE's MA785GMT-UD2H


I just bought Gigabyte's GA-MA785GMT-UD2H motherboard, AMD PHENOM II X4 955 black edition, WD 1TB caviar black and petriot ddr3 1333 2x2gig memory.

My question is this: The motherboard has 2x4 12v(ESPV12v) connecter and my 400 watt has only 2x4 pin so I used that on the 2nd half(pin 3,4,7,8) of connector on MB. So, when I install windows 7 on this brand new HD, it hangs at various points in installation that I can not pass. Has anyone experienced this. By the way I returned/replaced with new the mortherboard just to rull that out. Is this a Power Supply issue? I only have few device in the box: MB, cpu, HD, memory, and dvd drive. No external graphics card or sound card etc...

I ran windows memory scan and there was no problem there.
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  1. This is a common problem with the installation of Windows 7 and happens even if you can install Windows XP without any problems. The cause is bad memory that may pass all memory tests as the problem is due to the way DMA is done by the hard disk controllers. The solution is to change your memory for another brand or you can try increasing the voltage to the memory.
  2. Your motherboard manual suggests a psu of 500w+, but since you are using onboard graphics it should be fine. It also says using a 4-pin (2x2) in the 3,4,7,8 is okay, as well. So I'm not convinced it's a psu problem. RAM is still a possibility, have you run memtest86?

    The last time something like this happened to me was when I was installing Windows 7 RC1 when it came out. I mistakenly burned it at too fast a speed. But for a retail/oem disc to do that, it might be a bad/dirty disc or faulty dvd-rom.
  3. Thank you pjmelect and obsolete99.

    I ran memtest86 and selected option 1 and it trys to run test and best I can tell is it seems to be rebooting before completing the test. I dont think this is part of test becuase it kept on doing that for while.

    So, the next time I selected option 2 (multi cpu) but this test does not seem to do anything on my box. May be its hanging.

    So the exact memory module that I have is patriot's PDC34G1333ELK. what settings do I need to change if any or should I just try replacing modules and get different pair.
  4. Ok. I have little more info. I ran memtest86 default test on each 2gig sim individually twice. One, failed (at different Pass%, with hang and weird video) both time. Second passed consistently both times. So, it looks like one of the simm is bad.

    So, I will return the patriot PDC34G1333ELK($115 for 4gig) and get the same set again or if any one has a recomendation on simm with different brand around same price, I will go purchase that.

    Thanks for help.
  5. But can you install Windows 7 with only one stick of RAM installed? If you can then I would get a replacement stick if you can’t then I would get a different manufactures memory.
  6. Thanks pjmelect.

    So, during lunch hour yesterday, I decided to swap out patriot memory with Corsair(CMX4GX3M2A1600C7) as the guy at store tells me its better then patriot plus it had rebate therefore little cheeper.

    The following are some of the test that I did and where I am currently:

    1) I ran memtest86 on both simm together and it crashed after just very few test and rebooted my box. This kept on happening over and over.

    2) I swapped memory location from 3 and 4 to 1 and 3. Same result as step 1.

    3) decided to take MB out of the case and on to table and hooked up all the cable. I wanted to make sure no issue of case that is causing short or something.

    4) decided to tweek bios settings on ddr3 to my best ability. According to memory spec. its 7-8-7-20 1.65v. By the way I am not good at this so if I made mistake please let me know.

    Under MB Intelligen Tweaker:
    DDR3 Voltage Control: [1.65v]

    Under DRAM Config Section changed following and left other setting the same:
    DDR3 timing Items [Manual]
    CAS# LATENCY: [7]
    RAS to CAS R/W Delay: [8]
    Row Precharge Time: [7]
    Minimum RAS Active Time: [20]

    Same result as step 1.

    5) I ran memtest86 on individual simm and that performed fine. No issue.

    6) I loaded windows 7 with just one simm(slot 3). It let me complete installation and worked fine.

    7) I added second simm and windows 7 booted fine no issue. box has not been up for that long so yet to discover if any issue from here.

    Can you all tell me If I did the DRAM bios conifg appropriately or can someone tell me exactly what I need to set.

    So I still can not tell yet if this is a BIOS setting issue or PSU. I am not so sure what to try next. I guess I would like to see win 7 install with both memory stick with no hang. I can try the install again but I think it will hang again with current settings. So, Please let me know what I need to change in BIOS. This is something I am not so good at on my own but I can change things if I know what I need to exactly change.
  7. In my experience of Windows 7 hanging during install if you then do manage to get it to install then you will get the occasional hang when you use Windows 7. You must get your computer to pass the memory tests because an unpredictable computer is a broken computer.
  8. pjmelect thanks for reply.

    So, I came home and decided to re-install windows 7 again with both simms, instead of just one, and this time it installs fine. No hangup. I just assumed since memtest86 kept on rebooting every time, with two simms test, that my issue was still there. However, it seems like after I got the Corsair memory the installation went fine. I will monitor the box for next few days to see what happens.

    Anyhow, I am still interested in what all settings I need to do in my BIOS for proper memory configuration. This Corsair memory(1600mhz 7x8x7x20) is better then the earlier patriot(1333 9x9x9x24).

    Thanks again.
  9. You shouldn’t need to do any tweaking of your BIOS settings unless you are trying to overclock your memory, the memory’s SPD should set the best timing that the memory is rated for.
  10. Thanks pjmelect for responding.

    My memory is 1600 mhz and currently running at 1333 mhz which is default on this board or something. Now, I dont know how much more noticeable performance I will see at 1600mhz but if you guys were to recomend me the settings then I would give it a try.
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