AMD Sempron 3100+ only running at 1.0 ghz...

I recently had to reinstall windows due to an issue that was causing my computer to reboot every time it tried to load windows. Ever since I reinstalled windows (XP sp 3) my processor, which is supposed to run at 1.8 ghz is only running at 1.0 ghz according to the properties dialog from My Computer. I can see a performance decrease, so I'm sure it's running slower. I was wondering what I can do to get my processor back up to speed. Thanks for your time in advance.
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    Dissable cool n quiet. It could be you don't have the drivers properly installed causing your CPU to remain at 1.0GHz when under load rather than going back up to 1.8. It could also be a BIOS issue. Either way, disable it.
  2. Ok, my bios doesn't have any settings available for my CPU. It's an emachines computer, so I didn't expect to have anything in there. I did, however, disable the APIC option, and ensured my power management was set to Home/Office Desk. Still only showing 1.00 ghz. Should I head to emachines support to look for required drivers?
  3. Ok, actually... it is fixed now. It seems that for some reason it just took a little more time for it to register after windows loading than I expected it would. Everything seems fine now. Thanks Much!
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