Just messing around until my thermal paste gets here

Laptop= Asus G73JH-X1

This is the result of me screwing around one afternoon, soon after I had ordered some IC diamond paste for it. ATI Mobility Radeon 5870 1gb GDDR5 sits at 63-64c idle, while at 100% load using an online pc game gave me an peak of 77c, I think the quad-core i7 sat at around 60 something idle too, didnt load test it. But this temp fix drops idle temps 10c all around, cpu and gpu. It doesent matter anyways though, as both cpu and gpu are getting re-pasted with something better.

The fan/metal piece combo come from an old power supply. After busting the PSU open only to get the fan, I realized that the part of the metal housing it was screwed to would serve me perfectly saving me a lot of work in the process lol. Coupled with a barrel-style connector wall wart adapter, some tape and wire and the fan powered up.
If you can see the piece of metal inside the laptop directly above the fan, that would be the gpu heatsink plate with two copper pipes leading to the back of the laptop where there are fins attached and fan blowing on them.

Why buy a laptop cooling pad when you can just make one out of the junk in your closet!
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  1. Improvisation level: 100
  2. amuffin said:
    Improvisation level: 100

    Thank you amuffin, not to gloat, but I do say so myself.

    And I definitely agree with your muffin/cupcake slogan.
  3. You just need to add in a large Anti-Static bags to surround it, just cut some slits in the bag to allow air flow...Just in case..LOL
  4. amuffin said:
    Improvisation level: 100

    Mobility level: 0

    Still, awesome job phill0083. Have fun!!!
  5. COLGeek said:
    Mobility level: 0

    Still, awesome job phill0083. Have fun!!!

    Lol, I bought this thing to be able to take it where i need to but I rarely ever do that.
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