General Computer lag (detected by audio lag)

Have had this issue for longer than I can remember.


Asus P5N-D (using the onboard sound)
ATI HD4850
Q6600 @ 2.4GHz
4GB Corsair XMS PC2-6400
500GB Seagate internal + 1TB Seagate external
Windows XP SP3
(All components are stock - all temperatures are well within limits)
No viruses - confirmed through numerous Anti-virus scans carried out in and out of safe mode.

In general the computer works as normal. However when I play my music through WMP or any other media player (or stream from youtube) and generally listen to any audio source, maybe every minute or more (very rough guess) i get an audio lag for about 2-3 seconds. It basically sounds like the music is slowing down then resuming after the few seconds to its normal speed.

In the meantime I have checked the task manager and noticed the CPU spiking. Now when i say spike im talking a spike from 0-3% (my normal CPU when listneing to music whilst on maybe firefox and windows messenger) to 9-11% (as you can see nothing majory high). Now when I play music and open say firefox or other programs causing the cPU to shoot up to 25% or above, as normal, the music continues to play normally (unless of course by sheer coincidence there's another lag spike at the same time). The only process i've noticed using "02" CPU at that time is "System".

As for background programs I used to have the java updated running and decided to stop it which seemed to fix the problem for a few days (this was about a months ago) but soon enough it came back. Now the ONLY programs I have running on startup are:
KBD(drivers ofr my HP multimedia keyboard)

I have posted this on many a forum and no one can understand why a computer of this spec (and in a cleaned conditon) cannot handle such a simple task. I doubt its to do with the page file size or buffering but I've heard it's a possibility. The other one i've ehard is that realtek's drivers use alot of the CPU to create the sound and that i'm better off with an independant sound card. now this may be true BUT if realtek's drivers use alot of CPU then why don't they use alot of it CONSTANTLY rather than spiking at minute to two minute intervals?

Literally 2 hours ago put new thermal paste (Arctice Silver Ceramique) on as I thought it may be my final hope in fixing the audio problem. Thoroughly checked no hairs/particulate in the CPU area (i.e. between CPU and board or between CPU and heatsink.) as I was told this could be a common reason for the lag.

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  1. Well try reinstalling or Linux. See what happens. Also use CCleaner and Disk Defrag to tune your perf.

    Should be fine.
  2. Tried complete reinstall and I've defragged in and out off safe mode and used ccleaner.

    The problem still exists.
  3. Any help at all? I really can't afford to let this thread die, it's the last technical forum I have to help me and it really decides whether I dtich the computer or not. Harsh decision I know but it genuinely ruins all audio and music played through the computer. As i said I am more than willing to provide ANY info on the computer (e.g. using HJT and the like)
  4. Got a new GTX260 installed an working fine - but the lag still persists!?
  5. bwaa-haha, Vista/Win7 use a software stack for audio now. Won't get that problem once you upgrade.. but yeah, can't think of anything other than drivers.(sorry, no help)
  6. had that problem on a customers PC a few weeks ago. Turned out to be an audio driver. What do you have for audio.

    P.S. you might should have posted this iin the audio section. You may get better results!
  7. Well i've just firgured it out!!!!

    It's the wireless internet connection. Someone suggested it before but I was too ignorant and just thought it couldnt possibly be that.

    I am sure after numerous tests.

    Problem is, is there a way to fix it without hard wiring?
  8. sure update to wireless N router and adapter.
  9. Got one. Linksys WUSB300N adapter and linksys WRT6 something or other lol router
  10. get the wusb600n it is much better I have no lags since I upgraded to it over the wusb300n
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