Computer not shuting down fully

Not sure this is the correct area to post but my PC is a newly build and have overclocked.

For some reason my PC doesn't fully shutdown. The problem went away for a while but it came back. It seems to shutdown correctly in windows (I'm currently running window 7 64 bit) but afterwards the case fans, motherboard indicators and power LED remain on. The HDD seem to power down. Also the heat sink fan seems to kick into over drive. After pushing the power button it seems to turn on just like normal.

Is it going into standby or have i changed something in BIOS that i shouldn't have? does it have anything to do with using a SSD and ACHI mode? any help would be much appreciated.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Intel Core i5 2500K OC @ 4.5 GHz
Corsair Vengeance LP CML8GX3M2A1600C9
Gigabyte GV-N570OC-13I GTX 570
Corsair TX750M
CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO
Crucial m4 CT128M4SSD2
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  1. Nothing to do with the SSD being in AHCI....Sounds like a halt state problem. Which can be configured in the BIOS...AHCI(Advanced Host Control Interface) is just the Drive controller
  2. How would i determine if it is a halt state problem? is there a setting in BIOS that i could change to see if it will fix it?

    I've tried resetting my CMOS and using optimized defaults in BIOS, but from what i remember its had problem from first start up. I have tried updating BIOS to latest but no luck.
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    Sounds like RMA time for the board...maybe
  4. Hey gaster, piss off !!!
  5. I don't have another MB to test with. It would suck to have to send it back and they don't find it faulty.
  6. lowjack989 said:
    Sounds like RMA time for the board...maybe

    I don't have another MB to test with. It would suck to have to send it back and they don't find it faulty, more wasted money. I want to be completely sure the MB is the problem before RMA and/or replacing with another MB. First time using gigabyte MB, should have stuck with Asus.
  7. It does sound like a busted board to me going by what you have the settings on
  8. Thanks for the help lowjack99. Might just try my luck and send it back. Also considering buying another MB in the mean time, Asus P8Z68-V Pro maybe...
  9. Good choice master_nz...Good Luck with your build
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  11. Just as an update.

    As for the restarting on boot up, its seems like a common problem with this motherboard, referred to as boot loop/cycle. If you read customer feedback on or even just search Google your see that Gigabyte boards based on Z68 chipset have this issue.

    To make sure there was an actual problem with PC i took it into my local computer repair store (Computer connections, Hastings). After handing them $100 they informed me that the PC was having issues. More specify they found that the PC would shutdown correctly if they removed the graphics card. To exclude possibility of defect video card, they tried multiple other cards and were able to reproduce shutdown issue. After excluding other components (by testing in another machine/replacing them) they concluded that their is mostly an issues with motherboard.

    I'm initiated the RMA process and hopefully will get my MB repaired/replaced for a working one. I've also purchased a new MB, ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/Gen3 as my replace in the meantime which i will most likely keep. Whats the chances on the Asus being DoA....
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