Computer problem, wont boot, wont read dvd? blinking dash

Hello, I was cleaning up my computer with pctools, it told me to restart, then when it started back up it gets past the first info screen, says press f1 to continue, then all i get is a blinking dash. I dont care if it gets reformatted, i want to install windows 7 anyways. I have a asus motherboard, I am able to get into bios, but unable to run in safemode? (no option) also when I select other boot things as first priority, it works like its supposed too. ( asking me for boot media instead of blinking dash)
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  1. Well as long as you dont mind formating. now is the time to format and load 7.
  2. i would love to!!

    1. Dvd drive IS usb.
    2. I tried setting it to HDD, CDROM, and the other options.
    3. I set the boot thing to use the dvd drive first.
    4. I get no response.
    5. If I use an alternative method to boot, it asks me for my media. But the only thing to boot I have IS a DVD. >.<
  3. what is the make and model? can you set first boot to usb?
  4. Uhm...
    P5L-VM 1394?

    and I can use the "usb" when I change the setting to "CDROM" or "HDD"

    It's like it doesn't read want to read dvds... maybe my dvd is corrupt.
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