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ECC (engine control center also referred to as ccc catalyst control center) has a built in amd overdrive function. I used this to overclock my amd phenom IIx4 960T processor my specs should be in my sig. Only addition to my system is a coolermaster hyper 212 plus. Just for reference I used the thermal compound that came with the cooler and it lower my stock setting 3.0ghz phenom from 30c idle to 19c idle, 45c under load to 30c under load no higher than 35c. Here is my question: It seems as if I can push this bad boy even further since the safe temp under load is 50-60C (If I am mistaken plz comment it below). Using amd overdrive automatically tested my "system" if you will and determined 3.6ghz is the highest it can go. In my opinion this looks to be wrong It looks as if I could push it to 4.0 maybe even 4.4ghz is there another way besides ECC that this can be done. Also I am a noob on overclocking and unlocking cores. Does my mobo have the ability to unlock the possible additional core or cores. Thanks for any advice or suggestions ahead of time.

System Specs: Asus M5A97 mobo, AMD Phenom IIx4 960T BE, 8GB HyperX RAM, Seagate 7200rpm 500gb HDD, Antec Green 500D watt PSU, Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus. Raidmax Atlas 295wb case
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    Here is a good place to start: Ryan's AMD Black Edition Overclock Guide (Raising Multiplier)

    Within the BIOS you incrementally raise the CPU multiplier and test for stability and temps along the way.

    Read your motherboard manual for the core unlocking features and procedure. You should disable the Turbo function in the BIOS, and the CPB ('Core Performance Boost') ratio should be disabled or set to 1:1.
  2. That chip can reach 4.0 GHz np....Try this, in BIOS go to advanced tab raise the multiplier to 20, set the voltage to auto, Boot up, check to see what the MOBO put the voltage at on Auto....Restart, go back into the BIOS with the voltage in mind, under the advanced tab, scroll down to the voltage section and set it to manual and enter in a value thats one step below that MOBO's auto setting, boot up, run prime95 small fft's for 2 hours, if it holds repeat the restart steps until it becomes unstable, revert back to the lowest voltage it was stable at.
  3. Okay I got 2 cores unlocked and bumped it up to be stable at 3.988ghz but now Core Temp will not display the temp of the cpu is there another program that is as reliable
  4. Okay I think when I unlocked the 2 additional cores my cpu became unknown so is there a way to fix that
  5. Good job and great chip!

    Regretfully, you are 'stuck' with an 'unknown' six core processor running at 3.98GHz :lol:

    You may have some success in using either HW Monitor or the Asus Probe utility to monitor voltage and temps, but essentially when unlocking, these sensors (or more accurately, the reading of the sensors) gets borked.

    Try the finger test. Place the tip of your finger on various portions of the HSF and mobo sinks. If you pull back a smoking nub, she might be running a touch too warm.

    edit: To be safe, don't forget to ground yourself before 'fingering' !!
  6. Okay well I ran into some issues with having 6 cores running at 3.988ghz when i ran prime 95. It didnt last 3 mins before shoot me to a BSOD. So I restored the cpu back to stock settings since prior i OC'D it then unlocked the cores. This time I unlocked the cores then OC'D it using the mobos OC feature in sequence with ECC/CCC OC feature and got it up to 3.7ghz stable and Prime 95 runs for 24 hours having my highest temp 54 C. Just for future reference in case someone searches for a similar topic. On another note HW Monitor, Real Temp, and CPU-Z along with Core Temp as mentioned prior refused to give me a core temp. Surprisingly AI Suite which I downloaded with my bios update displays everything I need temp, voltage, mb temp ram temp everything. Also it is very easy to use so there was no need to use additional software. under decent gaming load and watching a movie on another screen the cpu is running at 34 C. Overall impressed with my gear and impressed with the advice from all who responded to this inquiry. It handled my issue exactly.
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  8. The chips is awesome Remember the chip dont need to much Vcore really i was on 4ghz runned prime with 1,320 nothing major ;D
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