Frustrated by so many choices. HELP!

I think selecting a heatsink and cooling solution has been the hardest thing I have done on this build! Some of these heatsinks are monsters and I am afraid at how heavy they are. I looked at the closed system water coolers. Those are still an option. Please advise on overclocking up to 4.5 GHz. I think performance and price is more important than noise (but I don't want a lawnmower either haha)

I am afraid that the Noctua-NH-D14 is overkill. It is also huge and a litle pricey.
I looked at the EVGA Superclock (it only has one fan).
I have a Zalman CNPS9000 from my last build. I can't find specs on it. Is it 9000 or is it zalman9700 and automatically labeled at 9000? Would it suffice? It has one fan as well and it is only a three prong switch- so no manual control?

Case: Antec 900
MB: MSI z68a-GD80
CPU: Intel i-5 2500k (OC up to 4.5 GHz)
GPU: Galaxy GTX 460 fermi OC edition
PSU: Raidmax 720 watt
RAM: TBD based on heatsink (low profile etc)
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  1. Coolermaster hyper 212+.
  2. i have a cooler master v8 in my antec 1200 and i love it
  3. +1 @ geekapproved-->CM Hyper 212+
  4. I forgot to mention. I think the Coolermaster V6GT and V8 are the coolest looking coolers I have seen...but I suppose getting the job done is better than looking good. I am glad to see your post Alvine. I actually got back on to mention those two coolers when I saw your post.
  5. The V6GT is sub par as is the V8 when compared to the 212+
  6. I'd go with a 212+ or Evo.
    Yeah the V8 is a mediocre cooler,the 212+ is better.
    Don't know where you gathered info that the V6GT was a lesser cooler then the 212+ @ lowjack989.
    Many more reviews to show the V6GT is probably the best cooler CM has ever made cooling performance wise.
  7. @davcon real world is where I gathered that..A few people I know use those coolers and they don't hold up like the 212+ under heavy voltages, loads, and clockspeeds.

    212+ is by far the best air cooler ever made for the money... hands down
  8. I think looks are very important if you have a window and actually look inside the case (like all the freaking time!)

    Personal favorites are the V6GT and CNSP9900 MAX. I never used the V6GT, but it should be really good. I did install a 9900 though and that thing is awesome and very quiet.

    Bang for the buck, of course the Hyper 212 Plus is king, but I think there's better options if you aren't eating macaroni to save cash =P
  9. I agree the 212+ is the best price/performance.= i use one.
    I never recommend the V6GT(too loud) or V8(nothing special) so i'd say we're on the same page.
  10. But now it seems maybe the Cooler Master V6GT won't fit in the Antec 900. Can anyone comment on this? The V6GT is 6.5 inches high and the case measures 8.1 inches wide. I am not sure how close it would be.
  11. Very close fit, but it will fit the 900 with about a half inch to might have to lose the side fan, I think it will just clear it though
  12. No problem, I had a Zalman CNPS10X Extreme (6.2") in my 900 II with about an inch to spare. It'll be tight but should fit.
  13. lowjack989 said:
    Very close fit, but it will fit the 900 with about a half inch to might have to lose the side fan, I think it will just clear it though

    Have you seen this configuration sucessfully done? I don't mean to second guess you. I don't want false hope and get my hopes up or order it and have to send it back.

    @wolfram23: The 902 is 8.60 inches wide as compared to 8.10 in the Antect 900. Also, the V6GT is 6.5" compared with the CNPS10X.

    I wasn't planning on using a side fan so I guess I really won't be able to now anyhow. Do you all think I needed the side fan? The case has a 200 mm on top, two upgraded cooler master 120 mm fans on the front case and a 120 mm stock fan on the rear of the case.

    Just to cover all of my bases- Looking at my goal of overclocking to 4.5 GHz, and with aesthetics in mind, should I even consider something such as the Corsair H60 or 80 or the Kuhler or any of the closed water systems?

    Thanks guys for your input! I am new to the forums and this is kind of my first build.
  14. Maybe you can find an NZXT Havok 120. It's like the V6 GT but smaller. Very good cooler though:

    The H60 is not very good, the H80 is like a decent air cooler, and the H100 is almost the same cost as an XSPC water cooling kit and nowhere near as good.
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    I think that if your going for looks....Get an XSPC RASA 750 Kit $129.99...its just as easy to install, works better, looks better, and its quieter. I have three Corsair units H50/H60/H100, also running a CM 212+...The XSPC kit is far superior to all of the..I have not seen the V6GT in a 900..Just went and measured my 900..Its super close maybe even touching the side panel a bit..So, you might want to look into another cooler although I know you really want the V6GT...Extremely tight squeeze
  16. Dude! buy a 212+ or Evo = fit for sure and easily cool to 4.5GHz.
    The VGGT is big(interfere with dimms and loud) = idk if it will fit.
  17. Thanks for all the input guys. Thanks for measuring your case lowjack!
  18. I'd recommend the Thermalright Venomous X and Prolimatech megahalems. Which ever one of those two you can find at a better price. Youll be able to pick your own PWM fan for those heatsinks.

    I personally think the hyper 212 is over hyped. I think for the price point it is a good choice. But if your willing to spend more then there are better coolers. Especially when overclocking.

    Look below for graphs showing the hyper 212 in comparison with other coolers such as the venomous x and megahelms. Sources linked below images.

    Again, if your looking to spend the least amount possible then yeah the hyper 212 is a good choice. But if your willing to bump up your budget for better cooling you have other options. Good luck.
    Note: comparison with true spirit. And the VenX typically beats the true spirit.
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