Buying a laptop, Radeon 3200 question

So it looks like I'll be buying this laptop in the near future:

It's got all the specs I need and is in my price range, but there's one issue: the integrated graphics card. I am no longer a hardcore gamer but I do want to be gaming on this, and I know the 3200 is hardly a gamer card. Unfortunately I've been having trouble finding a comparable laptop in my price range that has a better graphics card.

Up until this point I've always been a PC guy, so my laptop knowledge isn't very good. I'm wondering if there is any way to upgrade an integrated video card - I don't think there is, but I'm hardly an expert. If not, does anyone have any other recommendations of how to increase the FPS i'd get from it, or of places to look for similar laptops with better graphics? Thanks!
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  1. No you can't upgrade the card in that laptop,however fill this first:
    and make a new thread in Laptop's section and we can help you more
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