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sorry if this been ask but i cant find it with searching,
well ive been pretty bothered by my new laptop lately when browsing with multiple windows open, 5-8 sometimes watching videos and music etc. Well the problem is that it freezes for a few seconds sometimes and its so frustrating. i was just wondering could there be problem? or is it that i need to upgrade my harddrive or Ram, it already has 4 GB of ram and 300 free space on the harddrive. Thank you!!
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  1. knowing the make/model would be nice. lots of laptops use low end MB's with really shitty chipsets. this can bottle neck the HD, ram and cpu when doing lots of multi tasking. laptop hard drives now days are not much different in performance to desktops so if you have a higher end HD then i doubt thats causing the issue. although you can defiantly over load a platter drive by pulling to much information from different places at once. it sounds like the CPU is not getting data fast enough. acers and gateways are renown for this issue. some low end compaqs also encounter this habitually. those are all very low end manufactures so its not to surprising.
  2. o thank you for the response, but yea you kinda got it its an acer 3830tg, i5 2410, 540m GPU. i have no idea about the hard drive or speed it comes with. Thanks a bunch!
  3. I cant agree that laptop drives are similar to desktop drives as Laptop drives are often 5400 RPM while Desktops generally range from 7200 RPM through to 10000 RPM and that does not include SAS and SSD configurations. Normally 5400 RPM drives found in desktops are storage drives. System Drives are almost always faster.

    Get a SSD for your Laptop and it will really boost its performance in a very noticeable way. Keep your original drive and put it back in if you ever want to sell the laptop.
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    laptop HD's these days are mostly 7200, that acer may very well be a 5400 but even low end comps are shipping with 72's now. as for a 10K rpm drive, the raptors are just a waste of money, SSD is really the only way to go. depending on cost and such the SSD may not be viable. if that thing has 2 HD bays then sure, a SSD will be worth while but they are generally way to small to be a functional drive in most single HD laptops. the stock HD shipped is a 5400RPM with a max sequencal data transfer speed of 92MB/s. your real downer is going to be your access speeds on that drive. if you can aford it then SSD is the way to go, if not then... grabbing a 7200 will help access times and random reads a bit. my main gripe with most acers are the sub par chipsets they have on there mother boards. i have benched acers with identical cpu, hd and ram specs against some other brands only to see acers on the bottom of the tests. another thing you can do is to reinstall your OS with a clean OEM copy. not with the recovery partition. this will remove all the factory junk and generally improve performance. if you do look into SSD's i myself run intels and i have NEVER had any issue with them. OCZ is currently the fastest drive but ive seen some very odd issues with them. do a bit of research into what you really need before dropping 200-400 on a new HD.
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