If I put this processor in this motherboard, what will happen?

I have a socket 775 motherboard back from the late pentium 4 days, so it most likely will not work with a modern socket 775 processor. But, I'm thinking it's worth a shot, unless it shows some signs of risks.
I have a pentium dual core e2200 laying around, and I'm in the mood for an experiment, mostly just to tell if it would be feasible to put a new cpu in a 5 year old motherboard. If I were to put the e2200 in the pentium 4 motherboard, and it rejects it, what would most likely happen? Will there be damage to the motherboard or the CPU, or would it just not boot?
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  1. most likely it wouldn't boot if it cant use it and nothing else will happen.

    Whats your motherboard? If you dont know, you can download cpu-z and head to "mainboard".

    If we can get your motherboard, we can check what cpus can work on it.
  2. It's a Dell OKF623 with a pentium 4 630 chip in there. I really don't expect for anything other that a low end pentium D to work in there, I'm just wondering if it's okay to try.
  3. need info on board. Chipset and stuff, lol
  4. i945P/PL/G/GZ
    Southbridge: 82801GB (ICH7/R)
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    From what i could find, your assumption was correct. only pentium d's ands 4 can run on it.
  6. So, is it even worth trying to put the processor in to test it?
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