Should fans spin at full speed on power on?

Quick question, I'm using a rig I built at home consisting of the following parts:

Mobo: Foxconn Renaissance
CPU: Core i7 920
RAM: 6 gigs DDR3 (unsure of brand)
GPU: Geforce 8800GT 1gb
HDD: 2x 7200rpm SATA
PSU: 650w generic label
CD/DVD: Sony (generic)

The case I am using has a huge fan on the side (about 250mm) and I have a standard size case fan installed in the back. The CPU has the stock Intel cooler and the GPU has the cooling system isntalled by the manufacturer.

Ok, so the question is, the computer boots fine and works great, but I notice that when I power the computer on, all the fans in the system light up (they are LED) and rev at full speed for between 4 and 7 seconds before they rest back to normal speeds and the computer seems to begin booting. I've never seen a computer do this hence my asking; is this normal??? If not is it bad and if so what should I do or watch out for?

Many thanks for any answers!

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  1. It is normal, but they settle back to normal fan speeds, so there is nothing to worry about.
  2. Thanks :) I was worried something was up! Just to clarify your answer, it is normal for this extended high speed spin to happen before the monitor responds and the system POSTs yes?
  3. Yeah it is, or at least it's not harmful . All the systems I have bought/built do this (a high whirring sound, then almost complete silence, depending on the fans), and it never has caused me any problems.
  4. Awesome, thank you! Takes a load off my mind XD
  5. I have the same thing, i press the power button and for about 1-2 seconds all fans spin full speed like crazy and then settle down, its normal.
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