I920 cooling stock vs other

Using a I7 920, not overclocked.

The stock cooler ok, or buy an aftermarket one?

And if aftermarket, which one? again not overclocking as really just no need.

There is an artoicle from 2008 on toms cpu cooling review that stated aftermarket coolers not needed if not overclocking.

Also stated 45%, at that time, coolers didnt work or were not worth the cash anyway.

any advice?

I am going to use artic silver also.
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  1. If you are not overclocking, you do not need an aftermarket cooler. However, I recommend one anyway because the Intel stock heat sink fan is noisy and it has poor performance.

    For $30 (free shipping) you can pick up a Hyper 212 that does a very good job of cooling your processor, and it is very quiet.

    Best regards.
  2. ^Yep or a cooler master V8, v8 has a massive fan and heatsink so you can turn the fan down to minimal speed so its silent and it still cools 10x better then stock cooler ;) However i recommend the hyper 212 plus since its cheaper and lighter.
  3. I appreciate the advice, I will check newegg for a hyper 212 and use that one.

    thx again.
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