Hello everyone, I built an I5 2500k rig and overclocked it to 4.5ghz with air cooling and I am getting 68C-70C at max load with prime95, its been running smooth for about 3 hours now. I am wondering if these temps are a bit hot or if they are fine because it is at max load. it normally idles at 36C-38C.
Vcore is at 1.302 max load offset .035. I slowly upped the vcore because every 30-40 minutes I would BSOD with a 101 error, and now its been running just fine for over 3 hours after i upped the vcore. Ask any questions if needed, just wondering if these temperatures are just fine, thanks!


I5 2500k (o.c to 4.5ghz)
CM Hyper212 heatsink
8 gigs g.skill ddr3 1600 9-9-9-24-2n
Asrock extrem3 gen3 motherboard
radeon 6870x2
pc power and cooling 750w psu
I used arctic silver5, i should have probley used mx-4 but since i already had it i figured it would be ok.
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  1. Don't use offset voltage, use fixed voltage. Refer to 4ryan6's tutorial, worked out great and helped me lower my voltage a little on my 2600k. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/266189-29-sandy-bridge-series-ocing-cores-guide
  2. Those temps are fine.
  3. it crashed after running blend test, so im attempting a different route now going to start over from scratch.
  4. im trying ryans approach to over clocking it, i did everything just like in his guide since i have a very similar motherboard. it ran the max power and heat prime95 for 3 hours and it crashed as soon as i moved my mouse. I upped the vcore some more because i still got a 101 error, im now at 1.325v with 64C temperature. Hope this fixes it and then I hope i pass the blend test if not idk what to do :(
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