Pc wont boot clicking noise from cd player

I was running a registry cleaning program when the pc froze up. I powered down the system and tried to reboot. It won't boot up, and all I hear is this clicking noise, I think from the cd player, like it's trying to load something but can't. I'm running Vista 64-bit. Is it a motherboard, graphics card, or Vista?
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  1. what was the registry cleaning program called?

    are you sure it is from the CD player? open your computer and then listen to it
  2. It's the AML SOFT free registry cleaner. The light on the CD player keeps flickering on and off, and the device makes a clear clicking sound as though it's trying to engage or load, and that's the extent of it. The monitor does not turn on or respond at all, and Vista doesn't even begin to load.
  3. Have you tried unplugging your CD Drive from the system and booting it? Try that and see if it boots. If it doesn't and still has no screen it may be your GPU.

    If the sound persists even after you disconnect the CD Drive, check your fans.

    Just a thought too, it could be the PSU not being able to push that much power out but normally it wouldn't die then freeze the system. It would die and your PC would shut off.
  4. Yes, I removed the disconnected both the power and data cables from the CD, and the result was still the same. The OS will not even begin to load. The power stays on, but the screen remains blank.
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