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Hi Folks,

I'm using 4 x 2Gb of G.Skill's F3-12800CL7D-4GBECO memory on an Asus M4A785T-M/CSM mobo. Yes, I know that memory is not on the approved list, but every review I've read says that this memory works fine on AMD boards but that you do have to manually set it up in the BIOS. My problem is that there are about 20 parameters on one BIOS screen, then there are another 8 or so on an other screen, all of which seem to refer to RAM. Bottom line is that I don't know which settings need to be changed. I though the settings would be easier to figure out...

Basics of this ram:
1.35 Volts is all it needs
1600 MHz (PC3 12800)
CAS Latency 7-8-7-24-2N

On bootup it reports:
AMD Athlon II X3 440 Speed 3 GHz
DDR3 - 1333, Unganged mode

Here are the screens and options - perhaps someone could just copy them and highlight (color, bold) the correct selection? Very much appreciated!

Advanced > JumperFree Configuration

Memory Clock Mode [Auto]
Sets the memory clock mode. Coniguration options: [Auto] [Manual]
(The following item only appears when you set Memory Clock Mode to [Manual].)
Memclock Value [400MHz]
Selects the DRAM frequency programming method. Coniguration options: [400MHz]
[533MHz] [667MHz] [800MHz]

DRAM Timing Mode [Auto]
Sets the DRAM timing mode. Coniguration options: [Auto] [DCT 0] [DCT 1] [Both]
(The following sub-items appear only when you set the DRAM Timing Mode item to [DCT 0], [DCT 1] or [Both].)
TCL [Auto]
Coniguration options: [Auto] [4 CLK] ~ [12 CLK]
TRCD [Auto]
Coniguration options: [Auto] [5 CLK] ~ [12 CLK]
TRP [Auto]
Coniguration options: [Auto] [5 CLK] ~ [12 CLK]
tRTP [Auto]
Coniguration options: [Auto] [4 CLK] ~ [7 CLK]
TRAS [Auto]
Coniguration options: [Auto] [15 CLK] ~ [30 CLK]
TRC [Auto]
Coniguration options: [Auto] [11 CLK] ~ [41 CLK]
tWR [Auto]
Coniguration options: [Auto] [5 CLK] ~ [12 CLK]
TRRD [Auto]
Coniguration options: [Auto] [4 CLK] ~ [7 CLK]
tRWTTO [Auto]
Coniguration options: [Auto] [3 CLK] ~ [17 CLK]
tWRRD [Auto]
Coniguration options: [Auto] [2 CLK] ~ [10 CLK]
tWTR [Auto]
Coniguration options: [Auto] [4 CLK] ~ [7 CLK]
tWRWR [Auto]
Coniguration options: [Auto] [3 CLK] ~ [10 CLK]
tRDRD [Auto]
Coniguration options: [Auto] [3 CLK] ~ [10 CLK]
tRFC0/1/2/3 [Auto]
Coniguration options: [Auto] [90ns] [110ns] [160ns] [300ns] [350ns]

Memory Over Voltage [Auto]
Sets the memory over voltage. The values range from 1.5000V to 2.2050V with a 0.0150V increment.

Advanced > Chipset > NorthBridge Configuration

Memory Coniguration
Bank Interleaving [Auto]
Allows you to enable the bank memory interleaving. Coniguration options: [Disabled] [Auto]
Channel Interleaving [Disabled]
Allows you to enable the channel memory interleaving.
Coniguration options: [Disabled] [Address bits 6] [Address bits 12] [XOR of Address bits [20:16, 6]] [XOR of Address bits [20:16, 9]]
Enable Clock to All DIMMs [Disabled]
Enables unused Clocks to DIMMs even though memory slots are not populated.
Coniguration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]
MemClk Tristate C3/ATLVID [Disabled]
Enables or disables MemClk Tri-Stating during C3 and Alt VID.
Coniguration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]
Memory Hole Remapping [Enabled] (should I disable this, I'm installing Win7 64 bit?)
Enables or disables memory remapping around memory hole.
Coniguration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]
DCT Unganged Mode [Always]
Enables or disables the unganged DRAM mode (64-bit width).
Coniguration options: [Auto] [Always]
Power Down Enable [Disabled]
Enables or disables the DDR power down mode. Coniguration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]

ECC Coniguration
ECC Mode [Disabled]
Enables or disables the DRAM ECC that allows the hardware to report and correct
memory errors automatically. Coniguration options: [Disabled] [Basic] [Good] [Super]
[Max] [User]

Thanks for your help folks :)
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    The only that u need configure is the CL, tRCD, tRP, and tRAS. Don't disable the Memory Hole Remapping.
  2. I had to upgrade the BIOS to the current version for the 1600 MHz memory speed (DRAM frequency : [800MHz] ) to stick. The other timings mentioned by Saint19 were set at spec 7 8 7 24 and Memtest86+ (v 4.00) ran for hours with no problems. Voltage had to remain at the ASUS 1.5V lower limit rather than the spec'd 1.35V, so I probably could overclock a bit, but my personal preference is to set the tightest spec'd timing and expect a long, stable life, so I'm happy as is.
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