Help built budget Core i5 500 Pounds


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Movies, Internet, Multiple Programs, Basic student use.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Need Every thing, Replacing my laptop


PARTS PREFERENCES: Core i5. no other pref. though I would like somthing like a 20" inch monitor

OVERCLOCKING: Not for the moment, may choose to put a graf card and sound card later next year.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: I am not sure how the resolution would affect me, I am not much of a gamer, as I run short of time to, But again I might think of putting a Graph card sometime next year.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I would like it to look real subtle. Just a plain black layout would be perfect.

I know its arguable, that it would be a better idea to buy a pc of the shelf in my case, but I might think of putting in a graf card next year, running low on money at the moment and my laptops completly blown. I would like my PC to be future proof, hence the Core i5 preference.
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  1. I don't think it's possible with £500. The base unit alone will cost almost 500, and on top of that you'll need an OS, monitor and keyboard + mouse.

    An AMD Athlon II X4 with onboard graphics will do all that and it will just about fit into your £500 budget with all other peripherals included I think.
  2. Well....

    I might be missing stuff but I have come up with something...

    Processor - Intel Core i5 - 150 pounds

    Motherboard - Gigabyte GA - P55M - UD2 - 81 pounds

    Memory - Crucial 1X2GB - 35 pounds

    Hard drive - Seagate Barracude 500GB - 35 pounds

    Optical Drive - Sony 24x DVDRW

    Monitor - ViewSonic 20" - 92 pounds

    Case + PSU - Best Value 1107 + 500 W - 24 pounds

    Key Board and mouse will probably cost abt 30 od more... So this equates to about 460
  3. Your missing a graphics card and an OS. That's probably another £110.

    That case + PSU is absolute rubbish. The PSU is definitely not something you should cheap out on.

    For a Core i5 build, you really should be getting 4GB RAM.

    If you can save up another £100, it may be possible.
  4. Hmmm... wat if I keep the 2gb ram for now change the case+psu that would propb up the price to about 500.

    After like a month or sumthing when cash flows again, ill upgrade to 4gb. I initially had planned to make a better one, but bought a guitar instead as my laptop was working well, but now im in a desperate situation of getting a new comp.

    I dont care about gaming or anything so Graphic card is a no issue. thou I think thr is no video out put on board so I can pply get a crappy graphic card.

    Can you suggest me a decent graphic card, case and psu.
  5. so i would be spending a bit more i guess, but not by a long distance i think...
  6. You also need to get graphics card for core i5, no integrated graphics
  7. yea...but it just has to be a graf card... i dont want a super amazing one...just one for the go would do
  8. Alright, this is just to give you an idea of what you should be looking to buy.



    Graphics Card: No onboard graphics so you do need one

    PSU: You need to stick with the good brands (i.e. Corsair, Antec, OCZ)

    DVD Drive:

    Monitor: Higher resolution and comes with speakers for £5 more



    Hard Drive: Faster drive


    Total = £629.90

    That still doesn't include keyboard + mouse. If you lower the RAM to 2GB you'd probably save £20-30 so still you'd be over-budget by quite a bit.
  9. well can you tell me one thing... how big of a performace drop is it going from 4GB to 2GB... As I said Im a bit cash strapped atm, and will upgrade to 4 a bit later. but as long as this would work for now I would be happy
  10. You can do that if you want, just make sure the RAM operates at 1.65 volts or below. You'd still be over-budget by more than £100 though.
  11. well 50 aprox as I have a home lying around in my stack
  12. By home, you mean an OS?
  13. sorry yea... Vista Home...
  14. Oh!! yea BTW on ebuyer theres is an Antec 300 Exdisplay going for 35 pounds... would it go with the Gigabyte UD2...
  15. Yeah I think it's compatible with micro ATX motherboards
  16. aight...well that should be done then. 550 for a Core i5 i guess with the Mouse and Keyboard included. Though i Guess I would end up spending a bit more in the future
  17. No more questions then? Im going to bed now :lol:
  18. cya thanx man... gr8 help
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