Can't access information from my old hard drive

Hi everybody. Im just about done with the build of my computer, the last thing thats left for me to do is to transfer my itunes library from my old hard drive to my new one.

Im using a rosewill sata to usb to plug in my hard drive , but i am having some problems accessing my music. I'll try me best at explaining this, and hopefully someone can help me come up with a solution.

The Itunes library is in my documents, however i have to change the security for EVERY single folder, one by one, in order to get to each folder with the music. And when i FINALLY get to the files, and i try to open them up with ITunes, nothing happens! Itunes opens up but the song doesn't play, or show up.

On the other hand, my brother saved his music in a different location and i can access that perfectly fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this? It's well over 5000 songs and i don't want to lose them all. The only reason i using a new computer was because mine was super old and it was time for an upgrade after my processor died.
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  1. Try coping a song file to the new HD and see if you can play it. If it works then copy them all over and you are done.
  2. Thanks for the tip dogsnake, but i've already tried that. These are the errors I get:

    After this i have to go to the security tab and give myself permission.

    Once i finally can reach the songs of a particular artist on a particular album this is what i get, i try to copy and paste one of the songs on my new HDD these are the errors i get:

    Uploaded with

    As you can see its very very tedious work to basically get nowhere! I don't want to lose all my music, and if i had to give my self security to ever single folder in my itunes music it would take ages.

    Thanks guys!
  3. does anybody have another possible solution? Im open to any.
  4. any ideas?
  5. Hi guys:

    Still haven't had any luck with possible solutions. If anyone has any ideas please share them.
  6. Can you move or copy your music files to the same location as the ones you can copy?
  7. Dogsnake said:
    Can you move or copy your music files to the same location as the ones you can copy?

    Hi DogSnake, thanks for the help. The songs that were in "Marrys Folder" I was able to transfer to itunes and play on itunes without even going through security permissions. However, the songs in my itunes music folder i wasn't able to transfer or play on itunes, even with changing the security permissions.

    Thanks again. (sorry it's taken me so long to respond, i've been quite busy)
  8. Try this: Restart your computer in safe mode. Find your folder and right click on it and select "properties"because you're in safe mode, a new tab should appear called "security" add "everyone" to the list (type the word "everyone" and add that as a user) and grant full control to that folder and ok out of everything. restart in normal mode and you may be able to get into the folder.
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