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Hi! Yesterday a friend of mine gave me his old desktop,basically only the pc tower. He warned me that the pc is full of viruses and asked me to format the disk if possible. now the problem is this: when i connect the monitor and power up the pc, the monitor doesn't respon't at all! it is like i haven't connected it to the pc. I checked the cables and they are all in place. So I suspect that there must be a problem with the Graphics card. I checked the monitor to an other pc and it works fine! what can I do to find out where exactly is the problem? thanks for your time!
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  1. Does the PC (tower) turns on or it does not?
  2. play_chess23 said:
    Does the PC (tower) turns on or it does not?

    Yes the pc tower turns on but the monitor displays something like "no input signal,monitor going to sleep"
    so i assume that there is no communication between the motherboard and the monitor.but i don't know what to do. If the monitor doesn't respond how can i communicate with the pc? :-)
  3. This checklist has a lot of troubleshooting ideas for your problem.

    Start with ruling out the RAM as the problem. Faulty RAM often causes a "no video" problem. Try each stick of RAM by itself in the first RAM slot.
  4. try what shortstuff_mt suggested (checking on ram)... you can also test the ram on another PC and try to see if it functions. Also if you have an extra video card (functioning) try using it on that PC try to see if there is no display...
  5. Ok shortstuff_mt and play_chess23. Thank you both guys for helping me. I ll try to find out if the RAM is the culprit and I ll let you know.
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