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Okay, so I've been wanting to do something like this for a while and I finally started. This is my first case mod of any sort, but I have worked with metal and stuff before, just not on anything like this. The theme for the mod is The Flash like Flash Gordon flash, I like the colors (they match my room) I like the character, and there are some other reasons for picking it also. It will be done almost purely with a B&D rotary tool and a dewalt drill. I might go to the metal shop (where I happen to work) and get some parts cnc'ed. I laugh at myself for having access to a whole shop, yet doing this with limited tools at my house. well I can jump on this whenever i like then because it's here, and when I'm there I work. enough of my rant

I really like the cosmos 1000, it has good aesthetics outside and in, that is why I bought it in the first place. Now i'm going to mod it, but I will try to keep the features I like about the case (ie the door and the hdd bays). any thoughts are welcomed

Onto the pictures (sorry there's not more but you really don't need to see me cutting)

The flash symbol is going to go here on the side panel, I will put a clear piece of acrylic on, and then A yellow lighting bolt on top, (the first time/ rotary tool job edged will be covered with u-channel molding. But I kinda like the hand done/original look.)

The bolt

On the front side of the case, behind the door I will showcase a hdd, maybe an ssd once I get the money

The plastic that covers the front

IT will get cleaned up and painted red, and the mesh grill that comes over it (but doesn't do anything) will get painted yellow. The hd will get mounted in red acrylic.

on to the top. I cut out an extra fan hole, but had to shift the original one over to fit it in. Leaving me with a mounting problem. I made a bracket (man did it eat up my cutting wheels)

Here is the custom braket, which didn't turn out good at all since I kept having to move mounting holes and it's made out of thin metal, maybe one of the parts I cnc' latter.

The plastic cover that goes over the top exhaust fans

Will get painted red, and an aluminum mesh that goes in the hole will get painted yellow.

The other side panel

I'm thinking a red flash on there and then somehow do a rough circle around it (no edges just spray paint) and then having the rest of the panel red. The windowed panel will also be red. the plastic border's of the case will be yellow, and the handles/feet will be red.

Any thoughts, comments, questions.

wish me luck
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  1. WOO HOO! I barely remember the old Flash Gordon serials starring Buster Crabbe during Saturday afternoon matinees at the movies.
  2. I think the present name is the flash, there's been a bunch of flash characters i guess, all a little different
  3. @OP:

    You want to go here:
    to post a log. Bit tech is probably THE #1 site for modding info and community. A lot of pro modders frequent ( including MM) there, and will give you quite neat tricks.

    Read the stickies in the "Modding" section there, if you haven't already.

    And yes, the COSMOS is quite a popular case for modding.


    Anyways, good start!
  4. "The Flash" comic book hero. Read those too. It's all coming back to me. It's like my brain is a massive storage drive with files and folders that haven't been accessed in decades - sometimes half a century!

    Shadow - Thanks for posting the link. That's the case mod site I look for but can never find. I just added it to my references.

    BTW - Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
    The Shadow knows!
  5. ^I might try to get my hands on some

    I'm not too worried about how to mod, I've read stuff, worked with metal and wood and other stuff for a while, building all sorts of stuff (for work and on my own).

    I'm really just posting because I can, and for some ideas/feedback. I'll give bit-tech a try but I really don't need to post a "log" and have it spread around the interweb. I figured I'd post it here for no other reason that is was easy.

    There are already so many logs there.
  6. Quote:
    There are already so many logs there.

    That's the point imo. You can get more feed back there along with feed back here.


    I'm not too worried about how to mod, I've read stuff, worked with metal and wood and other stuff for a while, building all sorts of stuff (for work and on my own).

    Exactly what is your job may I ask?
  7. Shadow703793 said:
    There are already so many logs there.

    That's the point imo. You can get more feed back there along with feed back here.


    I'm not too worried about how to mod, I've read stuff, worked with metal and wood and other stuff for a while, building all sorts of stuff (for work and on my own).

    Exactly what is your job may I ask?

    I just help out at a custom metal fab shop, I might actually be getting some stuff cut out tomorrow (that bracket and the painting stencil for the dude, and maybe a some fan grills.

    As for the bitech, all the logs on there make me feel that adding mine would just add to the mess (if you try to actually read and look at them it is such a pain because there are so many). Plus I feel mine will get bashed on, jk. :p I'll give it a go.

    as for progress, I think i'm all done cutting, I have to do some brackets and grills but other that I'm done (i hope) now for paint.

    the mesh grill in the top

    I think it turned out pretty good. Had to create notches in the underside of the plastic for it too fit but it fit's great and will be epoxied in once i'm done painting

    Just A hint at what the hdd showcase will look like

    and my bottom fans , there is mesh epoxied on to add more ventilation to the psu.

    One thing I learned doing this bottom part is it is hard to get good fan holes cut out, trying to use the fan itself as the stencil. So a one fan is only screwed in by 2 or three screws. Granted part of the problem was the hdd rack which made it impossible to drill well. I need to get some wire fan grills, and use those. I have some paper stencils that I printed out but there just to flimsy to be accurate on hole placements. ohh well At least it isn't too visible and i'll learn from this mistake.

    Painting next
  8. You could use a 120mm hole saw to cut the fan holes on the bottom.
  9. I don't got one of them, plus it wasn't just the holes it was more of the screw placements, and the raised mesh didn't help either.

    I just drew up that fan bracket on autocad along with a 240 grill (it has to be able to fit exactly into the space.)

    Going to get those cnc'd today.

    Here is a list of the fans and lights that will go into it, I will explain now on the multitude of different types of fans. My fan controller (silverstone) doesn't work with certain fans (cooler master, and xgimatech), I know it works with enermax fans, but I'm ordering a bunch of different types so I can see which ones work, and also to test out different fans.
    back exhaust
    top fan, i don't know if i'll use the built in temp sensor or not.
    cpu fan
    and another top exhaust

    I know that those won't fill up all the fan holes but i'm seeing which ones i like and will get more of those.

    these will light the window and the inside of the whole case
    these will be fore the hdd window thing

    I don't know when I'll order these Items though since my budget will be hurting.
  10. Well I ran into a problem, it just snowed 1 ft here, and more weather is on the way. And since I was going to do most of my painting outside or in the garage with the door open, that might be put on hold, I'll try to fit some pieces in here and there, but between school and this it might be hard.
  11. ^ Ouch. That $ucks.
  12. I couldn't get those fan bracket/grills cnc'd because the plasma cam software didn't like any of my files, (dwg,dxf2004, dxf2000, and dxf12). I did get a sick flash cut out, but because it was a bitmap file the conversion kinda makes some stuff weird (like in not as good).

    Relating to that I've got some opinion questions, which paint scheme do you think will look best on the non-window side panel

    note: the circle will be round or ovular not weird, and the guy will be the flash character, but with no detail just a silhouette

    Now out of those two schemes their are more options, the circle edges can be rough and just hand spray painted, or I can use an edge and make them fine. Also For the guy I can, glue/tape this painted red instead of just having a silhouette. Remember the lightning bold on the other side panel will stick out a little also, so I thought it would be nice to have a little match??.

    Anyway what do you think.
  13. For the flash panel, i decided to go for an acrylic backed metal flash, here's some of the process
    I made some surface scratches because It's hard to cut this thick metal perfectly with a rotary tool

    The edges are cleaned up in that picture, but there is some tape residue left over on the sides which makes it look bad. You can see those surface scratches I was talking about on lookers left ear and right hand.

    Next cutting out the backing acrylic and then onto painting.
  14. Sorry I havn'te posted in a while, weather and school been holding me up, heres whats up so far.

    painting, this piece turne out good

    Still, pretty good, It's wet now, but I had some uneven painting, so I had to sand/scrape it off and then paint it again, but you can still see some uneven ridges from the old paint job, once it dries I'll go over it again.

    Lighting bolt stencils, I cut them out myself :p

    Paints I'm using, The dupoint self etching primer is for the Aluminum, I need some more plastic specialty, they don't make yellow so I'll have to paint with the plastic stuff first or just try the primer.

    More painting today,

    The Mesh grill for the front

    The front side panel

    The self etching primer has this wierd texture/sand thing to it, I don't know why, at first I didn't like it, but after going over it with red, I like it.

    other side panel


    And putting the window and bolt together, THe clear is attached by mounting tape, and the bolt is epoxied on the very edges. This picture is upside down sorry.

    I don't know when I'll be able to finish painting, but it will be ASAP, my mom wants her garage back.:)
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