XFX 4890 or HIS 4890

Hey i have a HIS 4890 ordered on newegg... mainly becuz it is the same brand of 4890 that i am planning to crossfire it with. But i just found an xfx card at my local best buy, and for $20 cheaper i can get it tomorrrow instead of waiting till teusday when the card from newegg would ship. My question is will i run into any problems using the xfx card with my HIS card? here are the 3 cards:

my current card:

HIS card on newegg:

XFX card at local Best Buy:
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    Nope, it should work perfectly. All of the chips are made by ATI, the OEM doesnt change anything that will affect a cards ability to crossfire with other makes.
  2. ok good. then i am gunna cancel my order from new egg and pick up the one from best buy. thanks for the quick response!
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