Power supply..??

I have 400W power supply.
Is it enough to run 5770.
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  1. Here is the official ATI recommendation for one ATI Radeon HD 5770 video card:

    450 Watt or greater power supply with one 75 watt, 6-pin PCI Express® power connector recommended.

    The recommendation is for the entire pc system.

    What is the make and model of your power supply?
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    IF it is a Corsair,Antec,OCZ,PC P&C,SeaSonic,Enermax,Silverstone 400w PSU then it will run your 5770.

    Otherwise mention which 400W PSU
  3. Its not corsair or antec...Its a local buy Zebronics....
  4. Zebronics PSU won't be able to handle that card.
    No chance. It'll fry something.

    It will be better if you buy a new PSU.
  5. We have had questions about Zebronics power supplies in the past. Zebronic power supplies are not very good psu's.
  6. I m also stuckd at the same point it shud be ok with 500watt psu which will be better
    1) coolermastr extreme power 500watt
    2) powersafe silve 500watt
    3) powrsaf gold 500watt
    4) pov 500watt
    considering a low budged
    i will be using hd5770
    thnx 4 all response
  7. Mosfet - none of the above.

    The least I would put in is a Corsair 400CX (30 amp 12 volt rail):
  8. +1 to jsc.
    Corsair 400CX is an excellent choice.
    Want something cheaper??
    Then get Gigabyte Superb 460W.Nice PSU for price.
    I assume you are from India.
    Prices are:
    Superb 460w-Rs2200
  9. I did a little research when posters asked questions about Zebronics in the past. The power supplies are low budget models and the specifications are overstated. Definitely not high quality power supplies.

    From what I remember the Zebronics psu's are sold in India. In addition, the choice of power supplies is limited.

    Mosfet429546 - If the 4 power supplies you listed are the only choices you have, then I would recommend the Coolermaster Extreme Power 500 watt power supply.
    The power supply is not a high quality psu but it should be adequate for your system. If you have other choices please list them. Perhaps we can recommend a better power supply. Finally, the Corsair CX400 mentioned by jsc and shubham1401 would be an excellent choice if it is available.
  10. Thanx 4 ur help guys
    i dnt knw much bout psu
    yum i m 4m india
    i hv a popup here corsair 400cx must be a 400watt but hd5770 req atleast 450watt 75watt 6pin pciexpres will 400cx be ok with that
    again thanx guys
  11. ^^Corsair 400CX is the best PSU mentioned so far in the thread...

    HD5770 needs power to run not 450W label on the PSU.

    400CX (Even though it is rated less than others) can furnish much more power and that too for longer period of time without being damaged
    It will easily run HD5770.

    Which city?
    I too have a 400CX which I bought for Rs3100.

    But if you want something cheaper then Gigabyte Superb 460W.It is better than those mentioned by you nd costs Rs2200.

    Get anyone of these.
  12. Thanx man as i hv no idea bout psu ratings as wel as gpu ratings anyone would look at the ratings first.
    I would be buying dat from nehru place delhi
  13. Just go to Computer Empire and ask him for that PSU.
    Both the PSUs i've mentioned should be available.

    You get best rates at Computer Empire.
  14. Thanx for your help man
    do u knw hw much this things cost there
    x2 550be
    1tb hdd
    ati hd5770
    19" moniter wide
    rog crosshair 3 formula
    i knw its not the apropriate forum but plz help
  15. I'll tell but later...
  16. Whenever you wish
  17. Okay I deserve the best answer for this :D

    x2 550BE- Rs4900
    Asus m4a785td - Around Rs7000
    1TB HDD- RS4500-5000
    ATI HD5770- RS9500-10000

    Get LG W2043T or Samsung 2033SW Monitor(Both 20 inches) For Rs 6550.(I bought the LG 15 days ago from CE :) )
    You'll need a DVI cable too.Which is not included with the monitor.Costs Rs300.

    Dunno about the Crosshair 3 but it should cost more than m4a785.

  18. That was a treaser to me but i m sory that i m not the one who created the question.
    U realy deserve the best ans.
  19. ^OOps...dint see that...No Problem.
    I'm here to help :)
  20. Thanx
    and i will be needing more from you
    thanx for co-opratin
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