Right card for my set up

Ok So I'm looking for a reasonable yet good card for my computer.
I'm a console gamer through and through but I recently found out I like games like mass effect and I also realized I like FPS games better on computer.

Anyway I got my computer(mainly thorough recommendations from this site)

I have an AMD Pheonom II X3 710, 4gigs of ddr2 1066 memory, windows 7 x64 pro, Corsair 400w power supply, and this motherbord:

I will be playing my games on either my 32in 720p lcd tv or a lcd monitor at 1366 x 768(is this 720p?).

What graphics card should I get if I'm going to play mainly source based fps(hl2, left4dead 2, couterstrike), Mass Effect 2 when it comes out, and other games like that.(maybe crisis if feasible.. I hear thats cool looking)

What I don't get it where people talk about "decent fps", I know what FPS means but what really is "good enough". I don't need top of the line(my computer isn't) I just want something thats going to let me play games with good performance. My only point of reference is my 360, I play games on there through hdmi and think "wow" can I expect that playing games with the monitor at 1366 x 768?

Budget under $150, but if I can get something cheap for my needs, I'm all ears.
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  1. Based on your power supply, you should consider the 5770. You can find a few around 150ish, but they're a bit more than that on most retail sites. I would consider the gtx 260, which is hovering around the same price as the 5770, but it consumes a lot more power and sometimes loses to the 5770 in performances. Your optimal choice is 5770, imo.
  2. +1 HD5770
  3. Another vote for 5770,it will play games fine on that resolution and about your another question,1280x720 resolution = 720p not 1366x768
  4. If you pick from one of these:


    The 5770, should be the lowest power draw....the others:


    GeForce GTX 260 (896 MB)
    191.2 Full load watts
    15.9 amps

    Radeon HD 4870 (512 MB)
    151.6 full load watts
    12.6 amps
  5. I think when the 5770 comes down a little in price it's going to be the new 'sweet spot'; Cooler, quieter and less power hungry than the HD4870 and GTX260 but of similar performance. And it will eat most games at those resolutions.
    What are you waiting for? A written invitation to spend your money? ;)
  6. Thanks for the answers.
    I wasn't sure what I should get because all of the tests I see are at resolutions much higher than what I would be playing on, so I wasn't sure which card would be best. Should I get the best card I can afford right now, or get a cheaper one because I wouldn't see see a difference at that resolution. PC gaming settings are still confusing to me.

    Anyway I'll get the 5770, the way I see it, its still cheaper than my xbox. :P
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