When I start the PC, after the moving loading bar for Microsoft finishes, instead of going to login screen it gives me a blue screen, and it says Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area.

This just happened overnight!!!!

Help please.

I have tried doing all 3 Safe Modes and tried Last Success Startup Attempt. Nothing works, still same screen.

Here's the Technical Information:

STOP: 0x00000050 (0xBC040D52, 0x00000000,0x85264AD1, 0x00000002)

There's nothing else....

Please help me out.
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  1. Page faults usually mean HDDs your HDD might be shot try it in a different computer to make sure though
  2. Try Upendra09's suggestion and also I have had this problem also, try checking your connection to your hard drive and make sure they are secure. if this doesn't help you may want to try reformatting your hard drive.

    It's just a suggestion.
  3. I remember a while back on my old crappy dell, I used to always get these in the middle of the night(lit up my whole damn room...).

    I am not sure if it is for the same reason/ same blue screen but what I did was I restarted it and then in safemode I did a system restore (just search restore).

    It seemed to work for me.. Hope it helps you out man. :sol:
  4. i reformatted and its fine now
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