Need a new motherboard [AMD]

My motherboard just kinda exploded the other night. So I will be able to order a new one by Friday. I am on AM3 with a Athlon II 240. I have been looking at the MSI 770-G45 and the MSI 790X-G45 . I have up to $85 to spend shipped from newegg. I don't have a problem with open box deals at all. Any suggestions? I would like a good amount of overclocking headroom. --770-G45 --790X-g45
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  1. Hi.

    The best mobos for OC are Gigabyte, and the 790FX chipset. Today comes out the 890FX chipset and for that reason u can get a 790FX mobo a little more cheap. But like your budget isn't enough for a good Gigabyte mobo, u can go with this ASUS M4A77TD
  2. What about the Asus M4A79XTD-Evo? I heard M4A79 series are best for overclocking.
  3. Update: I will probably have $105 to burn by then. I wanted to order early enough to participate in chimp challege, but I guess ordering on Sunday won't make much difference over friday.
  4. That M4A79XTD EVO is another very good option, even, more better that the M4A77TD. The best mobo for OC is Gigabyte, but a good OC mobo from Gigabyte is more expensive that the two ASUS that we talk here.
  5. Well, I need a final opinion. M4A79XTD-Evo or M4A78T-E? The latter is 790gx chipset, I won't need onboard even if my graphics die or anything. Which one would be a better overall option? Also, thanks so much.
  6. I would go for the M4A79XTD-Evo, both have similar prices but the M4A79XTD-Evo support 1600 RAM by default and have more SATA ports and USB ports.
  7. One small problem...The M4A79TD-Evo does not support the new hex core Thuban CPU's. Was planning on new CPU for next upgrade, but if there is not a bios update out for it by then, a phenom x4 will probably be enough from where I am coming from.

    And about memory support, the controller is part of the processor, so the motherboard doesn't really matter. On my processor, I was able to hit DDR3 1800 8-8-8-22. No platform supports 1600 by default.
  8. Maybe gigabyte is working in another PSU for your rig. Or u can wait until the 2nd of April that comes out the Gigabyte.
  9. saint19 said:
    Maybe gigabyte is working in another PSU for your rig. Or u can wait until the 2nd of April that comes out the Gigabyte.

    What? That didn't make much sense. My PSU is fine and It is nearly may...
  10. ^Yeah, sorry i wrote that at 1am.

    I mean that maybe Gigabyte is working in another BIOS versions for support the CPU. And the 2nd week of May comes out the 890FX that have native support for the X6
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