4870 vs 4850 crossfire

Which performs better?

Also, which one has less heat problems. I've heard that 4870 overheats.

Any suggestions?

Which do I get?

I got a Core 2 Quad 9450
Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
4GB (2x) Memory Patriot 1066Mhz
500W Power Supply (forgot the brand)
2 Fans

I'm planning to bring this computer to the Philippines and its pretty hot there (90 - 95 degrees F). I want to buy a graphics card that would be durable even in hot weathers. I'm an avid computer user, I can go online for about 6 - 10 hours a day. I don't want my graphics card to be failing since i can't return these video cards once I'm at the Philippines.
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  1. the cross fire will eat more power and the heat will be more in cross fire....i dont think the PSU will be enough for Xfire....My opinion is u go for the 4870.....u may have a even better option in buying the 5850....
  2. 500w is enough for 4870 and the product u have pointed is also pretty good.....
  3. one more issue i wanna take note is about overheating, i heard about 4870 heat issues. how to prevent them :(
  4. The general precautions only....1. keep the chassis well ventilated 2. Clean the fans if u find its dusty 3. if u r playing for more hours leave the card some cooling time 4. dont overclock ur card
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