how do i instal my nokia 6230 hardware in my computer?
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  1. should have thought about that before you bught the computer

    if you want help now then maybe you should give us more info like what mobo you have? etc.
  2. What are you talking about? What Nokia 6230 hardware? What is the conexion between your nokia's hardware and your pc?
  3. Well, you don't install it "in" your computer. Its a USB connection and you go to Nokia's website to find a driver. I have a Blackjack and I downloaded and installed the driver for my phone on my pc so it can recognize it when I connect it by the USB cable.

    You can then view the phone sort of like a thumb drive so you can transfer the pics, ringtones and the like. My Motorola Razr had software I purchased a long time ago that had the driver built in with the software install and made it very easy. You could also look into that solution...
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