How to relocate Desktop folder to network disc

I usually keep all data in many folders on desktop. I would like to change desktop folder and move it to Nas Drive witch Raid. It will be perfectly if windows xp use that desktop folder from nas as he use now defautl xp desktop (C:\document and settings\user\Desktop)
It is possible ? How to do this ?
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  1. HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

    There is a Desktop item there, but I have not tried messing with this.
  2. Thank for reply.
    It's work but only if folder is on local disc. If path to desktop folder use netword drive ( witch was map earlier) it make error.( cant connect to network disc). I thing windows first try to connect witch desctop folder and after this reconect all network drivers. It is possible to do something witch this ?
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    There is no way to do this. The desktop would load before any network drives, so it will never find it.
  4. Ok , thanks for infomration , I stop searching solution.
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