Windows 7 crashes at welcome to windows possible fix

Hey I bought RAGE for the PC and had to uninstall my video card drivers. I then used driver cleaner instead of rebooting, big mistake!

Anways, afterwards somehow in my pc wouldnt boot and nothing i tried worked.

I run win 7 and have two hd 5830 crossfired.

anyways, my computer would hang at the welcome to windows screen.

I tried everything, fix boot, safe mode blah blah.

If you try all that and it don't work, try this.

Simply unplug any usb devices and then hit:
F8 after the BIOS screen. Choose "use last know good configuration (advanced)*

See if that works.

Oh and I somehow STILL have two partitions mariked as active, even after disabling all but the reserved!
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  1. /-I guess u don't have a back up.

    Can u get in the safe mode or or not? If yes run memtest.

    Can u remove the 5830 cards and see if it will boot?
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